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Alteration, Modification, Transformation. Change.


What does change mean to you?  Does it make you cringe or jump for joy?  For me, it depends on the reason for the change and who initiated it.  If it was my idea, I’ve had time to think about it (or agonize over it) and decide it’s the right thing to do.  That’s not so bad.  But changes that hit you by surprise, change that you should have a say in but you don’t get one, or change just for the sake of change (hey, everyone else is doing it.  Why not us?) can be a total annoyance.  Some changes you can prepare for, like moving to a new apartment or even to a new city.  Going back to school.  Getting married.  Becoming a vegetarian.  Some you can’t, like losing a job, breaking a leg, or winning the lottery.


Surprise-changes come hard to me.  I need time to mull it over, find the advantage, picture it in my mind.  We made a new bathroom in our house two years ago out of the “everyone bathroom” in the hall, the small half bath off our room, and the closet in our room.  I had mapped out the space well in advance and decided how I wanted it arranged.  I drew a layout of what I wanted and my husband and I picked out colors for the walls, the counter top for the vanity, the fabric for the curtain, the flooring.  We called our contractor.  We bought new towels in a fresh new color.


The new bathroom had many advantages over the old ones.  Two sinks.  A shower that was easy for my husband to get in and out of with a nice, big seat inside.  A door from our bedroom and one from the hall.  Lots more storage.  By the time it was finished, I was already used to it in my head.  It was an easy transition.  It was a great change and I was prepared for it.  It didn’t take any time to feel like it had always been there.  That’s my kind of change.



If you plant a flower seed, it doesn’t remain a seed.  It grows and it changes to a small sprout with a couple leaves.  Then it grows and changes some more, this time it’s stem is stronger and its new leaves are characteristic of the type of plant it is.  Soon, it grows and changes some more with a longer, sturdier stem and more leaves and some flower buds that will-guess what?-turn into beautiful flowers when they grow and change a bit more.


I see a pattern here.  With change comes growth and strength. With growth and strength come possibilities of of blooming into something more beautiful than you ever thought possible.  Change is the order of the day in the natural world.  Flowers bloom, they seed out and go back to the earth.  Seasons come and go.  Days get longer, days get shorter.  When you go through a life-changing experience, ask yourself how the experience can help you grow.  In these changing times, being able to adapt to new or changing situations can be a huge benefit, especially to your sanity. 


Every day is a new day.  No two days are exactly alike.  I’ve racked up 22,308 days of life so far.  One of those days I got married.  One of those days, I got chicken pox.  One of those days, one of my sons had surgery.   Two of those days, I found out I was pregnant.  One of those two days was a total surprise.    Each new day I am older than the day before.  We are born, we grow from an infant to a toddler.  We grow into early childhood, and on into adolescence.  Teenager.  Adult.  Middle age.  Old age.  We change every day and it’s a good thing.  Of course, not all changes are good. A negative change in our health isn’t good, but there is usually something to be learned in the healing.


When changes come your way, look for the advantages before you decide it’s not a good idea.  See what can come of it: strength, flexibility, new possibilities.  If you don’t like it or you just think it won’t work for you, use your creativity to come up with a better solution.   Change is inevitable.  Life is all about it.  Change, growth, flexibility.  If the seed doesn’t change, it ceases to exist.  Life is alteration, modification, transformation.  Life is change.  Let’s embrace it!



What kind of changes do you enjoy?  Are you slow to adapt, or do you dive right in?  Share with us in the comments below.



I will not be posting again until January 4th, 2018 as I’m taking time off to spend with my family during this Holiday Season.  I wish you all happiness, love, joy and figgy pudding! 



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Hi there, I'm Carol. I look for the beauty in everyday people and the everyday world that surrounds me. I'm a writer, a fair photographer, and I'm also a wannabe artist. I wear many other labels, but I try not to let them define me. What about you? I'd love to hear about your story!

8 Replies

  1. Jim

    Carol, I read your post and realize you have become wise beyond your years. It’s been over fourth two years since we’ve spoken and yet as I read your post I sense some real wisdom and insight into life God has given you to live. Your husband is a blessed man as I am a blessed man for the wisdom of Denise in my life. “Enjoy Christmas for what it truely is about.”

    1. carol

      Thank you Jim. I think Denise and I are lucky too! Have a wonderful season of Christ.

  2. Lynn

    That was well said Carol. I have see so much change lately with my health and my life. I trust in GOD because he knows what’s best for all of us. He brought such wonderful friends like you in my life. I’ve had a lot of surprises too (most you know) but Jr. got hurt last Tues. broke his back in 2 places and broke his sternum. We at home now they said they were clean breaks and would heal by their self. He is in a brace also messed up his ankle. Say a prayer for us and thank you so much for the post, you don’t realize how much they help me. Love you friend.

    1. carol

      Lynn, I’m so sorry to hear about Jr.’s accident. I will keep you both in my prayers (as I always have). Some of the changes we have to face aren’t pleasant ones. Your trust in God will carry you through it. I’m always here if you need me. Love you too!

  3. Lou Traylor

    Throughout my childhood and as a young adult, I was forever fighting against normalcy. I was not a fan of the usual, the ordinary, or the typical. I wanted nothing to do with routine. What I wanted was an unexpected life full of surprises, oddities, and spur of the moment adventures. In other words, I was a fan of alteration, modification, transformation. Change. Growing up with ADHD and Dyslexia, change was exactly what I didn’t need, but it was exactly what I craved.

    As I grew through age, maturity (sort of), and experience, I began to see the positive side of routine. Way too late in my life to have been an advantage for my children, I found the calming effect of mindlessly completing routine chores and every day duties. I no longer had to struggle so hard to find those things in my over packed, diorganized brain. Yet, I still craved the modification and alteration of everyday life.

    While I have invited a certain amount of routine into my life, I continue to find ways to add enough variety to keep it from being totally normal. I am always rearranging furniture, always looking for other ways to do things. I scan Google Maps to find new routes to the places I frequent. And I am always trying out new ways to use my artistic talents, expanding my creative skills.
    So, no matter what you prefer in life, whether it be routine or change, there is something to be said for a balance of both. Although, I will always be more of a fan of change. After all, “variety IS the spice of life”.

    1. carol

      Lou, I myself do better with a routine to build some structure into my day. Then I have a framework to work around. I find, without some structure, I have a tendency to waste more time than I’d like to. I’m glad you have found something of a balance for yourself! Have you found anything that helps with the unexpected changes?

  4. Susan Manry

    Well I am most definitely a creature of habit and typically do not like changes . However, I too, have made and had to make multiple changes in my life and most changes have led to a better situation. The first of the year of 2018 is bringing a change I have been dreading. But this writing by you has been very thought provoking and I believe now I can find that strength I need to make this upcoming change. Thank you for great insight Carol. I pray that you and your family have a beautiful and happy Merry Christmas and New Year. I am really looking forward to more writings from you after the first of the year. You are a very smart woman and always make me think about life in different and wonderful ways. Thank you.

    1. carol

      Thank you so much, Susan. I’m so glad my writing “inspires” you in some way. I hope this new change works out for you in the best way possible. I wish for you and your family a wonderful holiday season full of love and God’s peace. 2018 will be another good year for both of us!