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The Beauty of Fall

  Yesterday I had a costume emergency, so I’m a day late.  Forgive me, please.  Anyway, it’s finally feeling like fall here in Georgia, and since it’s my favorite season, well, I couldn’t resist talking about it.  After a Georgia summer of […]

Can You Hear Me?

I came across these two different things this week: one while doing research for a post I was going to write and the other while working on an assignment for a writing group I’m involved in.  It seemed too much of a […]

What I Believe

  This week, I’d like to first, thank all of you who responded to my email and let me know you received it.  This is still new to me and I’m sure this won’t be the only glitch.  Thank you!  Next, I’d […]

Testing, testing, how now brown cow!

  As promised, I’m sending out this post in hopes that the issues are fixed.  Please reply to the email and let me know that you received it.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome!  Please check out any posts you may have […]

Why You Must Be An Artist

Have you ever spent time wishing you were an artist of some sort?  I have—so much time that I could have a stunning portfolio of work if I’d spent that time creating something.  I have discovered, though, that besides doing the work, […]

Are you enough? 9 things you can do to help yourself say “YES!”

  Do you ever have that sinking feeling that you’re just not enough?  That what you have to offer to the world doesn’t hit the mark?  Well, you’re not alone.  We all feel a little bit of this from time to time.  […]

Finding Your Way Home

  Do you ever have a sense of overwhelm that makes you feel like you’ve lost yourself?  Do you ever find yourself absent in the many roles you play and the things you feel you have to do to support those roles?  […]

The Wall Around Your Heart

We’re all born totally dependent. As we grow, people who love us help us learn how to walk, talk, feed ourselves, tie our shoelaces, and many other things. We have no choice but to be vulnerable because we can’t do anything for […]

me being me…how this works

me being me… is about finding and celebrating the unique qualities we each possess. While our similarities bind us together, our differences make life interesting, and sharing these differences helps us all grow as human beings. From early childhood, society, school, peers, […]